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Sunday, June 30, 2013

1881 :: Trial of James H. Holtzclaw

Rockdale, June 22. -- Mr. James H. Holtzclaw leaves here this week for Madisonville to stand trial for the killing of Musgrove, the particulars of which were published. He will be accompanied by many of the prominent citizens of the county, including Wyatt Lipscomb, sheriff; J.B. Wolf, collector; W.D. Paden, county clerk; J.C. Oxenford, district clerk; Enoch Breeding, proprietor of the Rockdale Messenger; W. Code, Professor Milton Ragsdale and about twenty others from different portions of the county. 

Indeed the sympathy is so great among the people here, who are acquainted with him and the circumstances of the affair that, were conveyances at hand, there is hardly a man in Milam county but would leave his business and his plow to go and say a word in his behalf. The people of this county to a man feel under deep and lasting obligations to the people of Madison, who so nobly stood by Jim Holtzclaw, when he was a stranger in a strange land. Mr. Holtzclaw is one of our oldest and most highly respected citizens, and the people of Madison will always be held in the kindest remembrance here. Weekly Democratic Statesman, Austin, Texas, June 30, 1881

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