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Saturday, June 6, 2015

1960 :: Galveston Accident

Walter Davenport, a Galveston ambulance driver, answered an accident call and recognized one of the dying victims as his own daughter. While pulling the two victims from the wreckage of their automobile, Davenport suddenly cried, "Good Lord, that's my daughter." 

The girl, Elizabeth Sue Davenport, 17, and her escort, Edgar Lee Henry, 20, both died at a hospital several hours after the two-car collision at an intersection. Henry's family lives in Rockdale, Texas, but he had been living in Galveston for some time. 

Driver of the other car involved in the wreck was indentified as J.... T P.... of Houston. Police said skid marks indicated Price ran a stop sign. He was charged with two counts of neglicent homicide and one of failure to yield right-of-way. 

Davenport, after finding his daughter and her companion in their wrecked car, continued with his work, placing them in his ambulance and taking them to the hospital. El Paso Herald-Post, Courier Gazette, Pampa Daily News, June 6, 1960

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