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Thursday, May 19, 2016

1915 :: Death of Sam Worbington

S.H. Woreington, [sic] an inmate of the Harris county poor farm, was struck by a freight train and instantly killed Tuesday morning about 9 o'clock near Westheimer's dairy, east of Houston. According to the engineer of the train that struck him, Mr. Woreington, who was about 60 years of age, stepped from under a culvert and got on the track in front of the train. The pilot of the engine hit him, knocking him about 75 feet. He was returning to Houston afoot from Carthage, where he had been to visit relatives, and had in his pocket an express receipt for a package sent to Carthage. Monday afternoon he was noticed near the place of the accident by a negro woman who said that he was lying with his head on the track. She told him that it was dangerous and suggested that he go to the shade. He made no answer. Justice Ray held the inquest. Houston Post, May 19, 1915

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