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Friday, March 21, 2014

1907 :: Death of Bloxum Howard

Rockdale and Milam county mourns the loss of a popular citizen and a good officer. Mr. B. Howard died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday at 10 a.m. by the K. of P. assisted by the Woodmen and the ministers of Rockdale. Mr. Howard was very much attached to his horse, which was tied to the hearse, saddled ready as if to mount. He leaves a wife and four children. The following people went over from Cameron to attend his funeral: W.C. Ross, A.W. Taber, J.T. Kemp, Jim Pate, Sheriff and Elmer Holtzclaw, Allen Hooks and Graham Gillis. All business was suspended in Rockdale to attend the funeral. Cameron Herald, March 21, 1907

Rockdale, Tex., March 19. -- B. Howard, who has been constable of this precinct for about six years, died this afternoon about 5 o'clock, the immediate cause being measles. His wife was called from Austin yesterday, where she had undergone an operation. Bartlett Tribune, March 22, 1907

Friday, April 27, 2012

1894 :: Reward for Yeabel Chrio

Sheriff’s Dept – Milam County. Cameron, Tex., April 26 – One hundred dollars reward for the arrest and detention of Yeabel Chrio, a Mexican, 25 years of age, height 5 feet 10 or 11 inches, weight 180 bounds, heavy built, very dark complexion, small mustache, had on blue pants, has with him a Colt 45 blue barrel pistol. I hold warrant for this Mexican for assault to murder Constable Busby at Rockdale on the night of the 24th of this month. Address John H. Bickett, sheriff. Galveston Daily News, Friday, April 27, 1894

Thursday, April 26, 2012

1894 :: Milam County Tragedy

Rockdale, Milam Co., Tex., April 25 – Last night about 7:30 occurred one of the most brutal crimes in the annals of Milam county, the particulars of which are as follows:

Constable N. Busby of this beat left this city in the afternoon for his home in the country, about two miles north of this place. After eating supper he again started to return here and while on his way and right opposite to a place known as the old York farm, now occupied by a Mrs. Cawthorn, he arrested a Mexican and was bringing him into town.

After they had proceeded about 50 yards, Mr. Busby walking behind and leading his horse, the Mexican suddenly turned and struck at Busby with a knife, missing his throat but striking and cutting a bad wound in his jaw. The scuffle began. Mr. Busby trying to draw his pistol, which was accidentally discharged twice.

The Mexican succeeded in overpowering him and hugging him up repeatedly stabbed and cut him a number of times. Mr. Busby’s coat was cut to pieces, while he himself fared no better, having received a wound two inches long in the neck, two on the head, several on his arms, while one gash about ten inches long severed one of his ribs, cutting his left lung and causing it to protrude. Another one was about fifteen inches long, from the small of the back to the stomach, barely missing the kidney.

Busby, however, managed to throw the Mexican off and reach the residence of Mr. Cawthorn, about 50 yards distant, where medical aid was summoned. Word came to this city to that effect, when Deputy Sheriff Ed Snively, City Marshal Jim Hamilton, a posse and a news reporter mounted and were soon in hot pursuit. Up to this writing the Mexican has not been captured, though a posse is still on the trail. Constable Busby was an efficient and popular officer. His recovery is quite doubtful. [his findagrave memorial page]

Sheriff Bickett has started with bloodhounds. Galveston Daily News, Thursday, April 26, 1894

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1894 :: Constable Butchered

Rockdale, Tex., Apr. 24 – Constable Busby was assaulted by a Mexican and badly cut in the left lung, kidney, neck and arms, very dangerously. A posse is in pursuit. Sheriff Bickett and bloodhounds were telegraphed for. Galveston Daily News, Wednesday, April 25, 1894