Sunday, July 26, 2015

1896 :: Trouble with the Waterworks

Rockdale, Milam Co., Tex., July 25. -- The waterworks company here has been having trouble with its well for several weeks, so much so that they concluded two days ago to sink a new well. In two days and three nights they have gone down a distance of fifty-four feet. In two or three days more they think they will have the new well ready to furnish all the water needed for all purposes in the city, and by holding in the reservoir sufficient water to use with direct pressure in case of fire furnish a sufficient supply for all other needs. In other words, the supply of water for general purposes has been just a little short. The company says, however, that this will be overcome in just a few days more. Galveston Daily News, July 26, 1896 

1896 :: First Bale of Cotton

Rockdale, Tex., July 24. -- The first bale of cotton of this season's crop was brought in here yesterday morning, was ginned by Mr. Rexford Wells, and was sold to Strelsky & Clark for 6.80c. There was a premium of $12.50 paid, making it net the owner $52.75. The bale of cotton was raised by Mr. Forrest Randle on Mr. John T. Randle's farm in Little river valley about fifteen miles northwest of Rockdale, it weighed 598 pounds and classed middling. This is the earliest by three days that the first bale was ever before received here. Galveston Daily News, July 26, 1896