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Saturday, March 30, 2013

1882 :: Travers becomes Postmaster

At the election for postmaster held at Rockdale Saturday H.C. Travers, the president incumbent, received 356 votes without opposition. Dallas Morning News, March 30, 1886

Herndon C. Travers becomes Postmaster as of the 14th of April. He was a special speaker, whose services were sought on all public occasions. He was president of the leading clubs while serving as Postmaster, and was one of the principals in a notable double wedding to Miss Shelby Raby of Gatesville; the two other principals were J. Sid Hudson and Miss Emma York.

Friday, March 29, 2013

1892 :: Death of Uncle Jessie Glenn

The Rockdale Messenger reports the death of old Uncle Jessie Glenn, an old colored man who claimed to be 115 years old. He died in sleep, or rather went out like a candle, no one knowing that he was sick. Dallas Morning News, March 29, 1892 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1945 :: Death of W P Perry

Wallis Pope Perry, 46, of 111 North Bishop, office manager of the Southwest Tablet Manufacturing Company, died at his office Tuesday after a heart stroke. Perry was born in Belton and reared in Rockdale. He came to Dallas in 1932 from San Antonio. Surviving him are his wife; a son, Wallis P. Perry Jr.; a daughter, Mary Michael Perry, of Dallas; stepmother, Mrs. Ira Perry Sr., Boerne, Kendall County; a brother, E.W. Perry, Jacksonville, Fla.; a sister, Mrs. Allen Banks, Houston. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 10 a.m. at the chapel of the Poole Funeral Home, 437 West Jefferson, with the Rev. Thomas F. Gallaher officiating. Another service and burial will be in Boerne Friday. Dallas Morning News, March 28, 1945 

Saturday, March 9, 2013

1861 :: Texan ladies in Port Sullivan

Austin State Gazette, March 9, 1861. Saturday, the 23d day of Feb., has passed, and, I hope, will be looked back to by future generations to come as one of the most glorious achievements that was ever won, either in the field or anywhere else, by Texans. It was quite a lively day in Port Sullivan. Our generous old farmers provided one of the best barbecues I have ever had the pleasure of partaking of. The ladies, too, were out in large numbers, and at 12M. the ladies and gentlemen convened at the old church to hear the speaking. On entering the church I was more impressed than ever with the firmness and patriotism of Texan ladies. Everything was fitted up in the most perfect manner, and on the right of the speaker's stand was a Lone Star flag, bearing the name of L.T. Wigfall; on the left one bearing the name of Jeff. Davis. Mr. Carmon was called on to address the assemblage, and came forward and for some thirty minutes held the audience spell-bound, reviewing the general topics of the day, &, when he closed! amidst general applause and exultation. Mr. Could, of Cameron, was then called on, and spoke for some half hour, dwelling with great eloquence and pathos, on the topics of the day, and mingled, too, with his ready wit and criticism, caused an outburst of applause seldom witnessed in any assemblage. To test the sentiment of the ladies of Port Sullivan and surrounding country, Capt. Barton called on all the ladies in favor of secession to make it know by rising to their feet. To see who should be first on their feet was the greater struggle, for in an instant every lady, even down to the girls of 8 or 10 years, were up; not one kept her seat; they were all united. Singular, is it not, how they love to unite. . . . Very Respectfully, Henry Pendarvis.

1913 :: John Shapard for Postmaster

Special to The News. Rockdale, Tex., March 8. -- John A. Shapard of this city has received official notice from Congressman Rufus Hardy that he (Hardy) had recommended Mr. Shapard for the position of postmaster at Rockdale under Wilson's Administration. Mr. Shapard is a printer, having been employed in various capacities by the newspapers of this city, past and present, for the past thirty years. At present he is foreman of the mechanical department of the Rockdale Reporter. He is a stanch Democrat, a good newspaper man and a highly respected and invaluable citizen. Dallas Morning News, March 9, 1913

1913 :: Death of Jim Arthur

Rockdale, Tex., March 8. -- Jim Arthur, a young farmer just north of town, died here and was buried by the Woodmen. Dallas Morning News, March 9, 1913