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Friday, December 29, 2017

1921 :: Rockdale's New Standpipe

Thorndale Champion. -- Rockdale's new standpipe has arrived and construction work will start at once, according to The Reporter. Maybe the ladies of Rockdale will now have the water turned on at their pretty fountain on Main street. The Rockdale Reporter and Messenger (Rockdale, Tex.), Vol. [49], No. 44, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 29, 1921

1925 :: Woman Burns to Death

ROCKDALE, Dec. 29. -- Tom Engram of Rockdale was called to Palestine Friday to the bedside of his mother, Mrs. J.E. Engram, who had been fatally burned. Her clothing caught fire from an overheated stove near which she was sewing. She died Saturday. Mrs. Engram was 72 years old. The Taylor Daily Press, Taylor, Texas, Tuesday, December 29, 1925 - Page 3 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

1899 :: He sleeps there.

From this date, Mr. Palmer, the prescriptionist, can be found at my drug store at all hours. He sleeps there. If you have a prescription that has to be filled at a late hour, you can awake him. J.T. Woody. The Rockdale Reporter. (Rockdale, Tex.), Vol. 06, No. 48, Ed. 1 Wednesday, December 20, 1899 Page: 1 of 8

Friday, December 8, 2017

1898 :: The Small-pox

It seems Milam county has before it a continued siege with this loathsome disease. . . . One case in Rockdale will cost the business interest more than a two months rigid quarantine. Will our city fathers not stop people from going to and returning from Cameron? Rockdale Messenger. (Rockdale, Tex.), Vol. 26, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 8, 1898 Page: 1 of 8

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

1923 :: Letter from First Male Child Born in Rockdale

. . . I was the first male child born in Rockdale, and in the first house, that being the 14th day of January, 1874. My father at that time had ox and mule teams doing grade work and hauling ties for the I. & G. N. railroad which was building there at that time. My father's name was George A. Brown. A family by name of Ackerman built a saw mill and also a small house, it being the first house, and where I was born. . . . Isaac Brown . . . The Rockdale Reporter and Messenger (Rockdale, Tex.), Vol. [51], No. 41, Ed. 1 Thursday, December 6, 1923 Page: 1 of 12