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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

1915 :: Thanksgiving Day

Today is being generally observed in Rockdale as a holiday. Practically all the stores are closed and business suspended for the day. Union religious services were held this morning at the Christian church, Rev. B.B. Blaylock delivering the Thanksgiving sermon. Many are spending the day out of town, and many others are enjoying turkey with friends and relatives in Regal Rockdale. Quite a crowd went over to Austin, drawn by the big football game there between Texas U. and Notre Dame. The Rockdale Reporter and Messenger (Rockdale, Tex.), Vol. 42, No. 38, Ed. 1 Thursday, November 25, 1915 Page: 2 of 8 


Monday, November 23, 2015

1940 :: Death on a Mississippi river bridge

Vicksburg, Miss., Nov. 22. -- (AP) -- A man tentatively identified as James W. Hogan, 61, of Rockdale, Texas, was killed last night when struck by a truck at the west end of the Mississippi river bridge here. The body was taken to Tallulah, Louisiana. Waco News-Tribune, November 23, 1940

1911 :: Judge Antony mingling with old friends

Judge E.L. Antony of Dallas was mingling with old friends here after an absence of many years. His mother is visiting the family of J.D. Hamilton awaiting the arrival of a grand daughter from Pecos Valley, when together they will go to Cameron. Judge Antony contemplates returning to Cameron, his old stamping ground. He resided there when the only mode of conveyance to district courts was by the stage route, and was among the number of Rockdalians who celebrated the first incoming of the I. & G. N. passenger to the community. Rockdale Reporter and Messenger, November 23, 1911 

Monday, November 16, 2015

1944 :: Dana Andrews Remembers Rockdale

"Dana Andrews' most vivid and lasting impression of a home is the parsonage in Rockdale, a two-story frame house of the vintage 1910."

The above quotation is from a story, "Portrait of a Minister's Son," in a recent issue of Photoplay Magazine. The writer was speaking of Dana Andrews of the films, who might be better known in Rockdale as "Hoddy" Andrews, who spent his young boyhood in Rockdale when his father, the Rev. C.F. Andrews, was pastor of The First Baptist Church of Rockdale a number of yeras ago. 

The Rockdale parsonage, a two-story frame house, which the Andrews family lived in, is now a modern white bungalow and would probably not be recognized by Andrews should he visit it now.

Dana's father, Rev. C.F. Andrews, died in 1940. He served as Baptist pastor in Rockdale, as well as in San Antonio, Uvalde and Huntsville. Dana's full name is "Carver Dana Andrews," and Rockdale citizens remember his as Carver, or the nickname "Hoddy," given him by his father for the way he said "Howdy" as a youngster.

Young Andrews graduated from Sam Houston State Teachers College, Huntsville, worked as a plumber's apprentice between high school and college age, worked for an oil company in Houston, and was working for a filling station in Van Nuys, Calif., when his first break for the movies came. Among his pictures was 'The Purple Heart,' in which, according to the Photoplay magazine writer, he gave a "magnificent performance."

Andrews told the magazine author that he visited his old home in Rockdale fifteen years ago at which time he visited the old two-story frame house and a favorite childhood hiding place -- underneath the ground floor, between the central beam and the floor, where he found undisturbed after fifteen years things he had cached there: a monkey wrench, a jackknife and a mess of marbles. Rockdale Reporter and Messenger, November 16, 1944 

Friday, November 13, 2015

1900 :: Murder of Amiel Storke

Rockdale, Tex., Nov. 12. -- Tragedy at a Dance. Host, who was shot Saturday near Rockdale, is dead. Amiel Storke, who was shot on Saturday night at a dance given at his home, four miles west of Rockdale, died of his wounds yesterday afternoon at 6 o'clock. Enoch Lohse is under arrest and held on a warrant issued by Justice Wells, charged with murder. Dallas Morning News, November 13, 1900

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

1902 :: Death of Ouida Baxter

Dallas Morning News. Rockdale, Texas, November 8. -- Ouida, the 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Baxter, died yesterday afternoon and will be buried today at the city cemetery. Deceased was a very bright little girl and the family is one of the most prominent in Rockdale. Houston Post, November 10, 1902 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

1920 :: The "Monte Carlo"

The old two-story brick building which stands next door to The Reporter office, sometimes known locally as "Monte Carlo," threw a scare into its occupants Sunday afternoon when a section of the rear wall collapsed, carrying with it the back stair way. From a rear view the building now looks like a picture of some of the shell-wrecked houses of France. It ought to be pulled down, for the balance of it is almost ready to fall, and in its present condition it constitutes an absolute menace to life and adjoining property. Rockdale Reporter and Messenger, November 4, 1920

Sunday, November 1, 2015

1899 :: Photo of Cameron Street

J.F. Lewis, the photographer, has recently made a picture of Cameron street that is fine. It is a splended advertisement for Rockdale, as it shows the street loaded with wagons from Mistrot's store to the city hall. He is selling these splendid pictures at a reasonable price. The Rockdale Reporter, November 1, 1899