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Friday, March 27, 2015

1921 :: Crop Indications Good

Rockdale, Tex., March 26.-- It is believed that never before were prospects better for a huge crop of small fruits, berries, etc. in this section of Central Texas. The fields and woods and uncultivated spaces are white as snowbanks with dewberry blossoms. Other fruit trees are in full bloom. If labor is available when the ripening time comes Milam County will be able to furnish an almost unlimited quantity of dewberries to the consumer. Galveston Daily News, March 27, 1921

Sunday, March 22, 2015

1896 :: Death of G.W. Heywood

Rockdale, Tex., March 20. -- G.W. Heywood died at the McGuyre hotel yesterday and was buried at the Odd Fellows cemetery this morning. During his prosperous days he paid for the plot of ground now known as the Odd Fellows cemetery and presented it to that society. He also bought and stored away a fine coffin to be buried in. This casket has patiently awaited his demise for several years. Galveston Daily News, March 22, 1896

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

1933 :: Death of Ester Roberts

Rockdale, Texas, Feb. 25 (AP). -- Mrs. E.T. Roberts, 53, was burned to death Tuesday when fire destroyed her home five miles south of Rockdale. Her husband had just gone to a nearby building to work when he heard the crackling of flames. He turned to see the whole house on fire and it was destroyed before he could enter it to rescue either his wife or any of their belongings. A five-gallon can which contained coal oil was found nearby. Dallas Morning News, March 1, 1933

Roberts. -- Rockdale, Texas. March 3. -- Funeral services for Mrs. E.T. Roberts, who was burned to death at her home here Tuesday, were held Thursday from the home of her brother, E.J. Flake. Surviving are her husband, a small adopted daughter and four brothers. Dallas Morning News, March 4, 1933

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

1892 :: Rockdale Jubilating

Rockdale, Milam County, Tex., March 2. -- Rockdale is booming anvils to-night in honor of Ellis county going for Mills. Fort Worth Daily Gazette, March 3, 1892

Monday, March 2, 2015

1916 :: S.G. Hodge Died Suddenly

Rockdale ReporterS.G. Hodge, prominent Rockdale business man, died suddenly at 4 p.m. Thursday at Randle Lake, ten miles north of town, where he had gone for a few hours fishing, and in the best spirits and seeming good health.

Mr. Hodge was accompanied by Dr. T.D. Rountree and Dr. R.W. Wallis. They left won about 11 a.m. in Mr. Hodge's car, and had enjoyed several hours fishing with good results, and had cooked the fish and had sat down to eat. Mr. Hodge was in the best of spirits at the time, and had assisted in the cooking of the fish. He had just taken a bite or two, when he suddenly groaned and fell over on his back. Both the doctors were right at his side, and say that his death was as near instantaneous as it could possibly be, and that he gave not the slightest sign of recognition or understanding after he was stricken. They administered powerful restoratives hypodermically and ued artificial respiration, exhausting every means at their disposal, to no affect.

The remains were brought to town and placed in the care of Undertaker E.B. Phillips. After embalment they were removed to the residence of Mrs. J.R. Rowland, where the deceased had for so many years made his home, and in which family he was a big brother and a kind father, and than whom in all this wide world there are none who will mourn his loss so deeply. Cameron Herald, March 2, 1916