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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Milam County Ex-Confederates

The Galveston Daily News, (Houston, TX)
Tuesday, October 14, 1890; Issue 168; col D.

The Old Soldiers of Milam County Organize —
A Call for State Organization

Cameron, Tex. Oct. 13. -- The ex-confederate soldiers of Milam county effected permanent organization here to-day. Over 400 names were enrolled. By invitation, Judge X.B. Saunders of Belton delivered an address, which was greeted with cheers.
The following resolutions were adopted and proper provision in the charter and constitution made to carry the objects to success:

Resolved, that it is the sense of this association that the ex-confederate soldiers residing in Texas should effect an old soldiers' state organization, the same to be composed of camps or associations of the several counties of the state, and we therefore call upon every camp or county ex-confederate association in Texas to enlist as a regiment in this association, that the ex-confederates of Texas may possess the power to move as a disciplined army toward the accomplishment of the task of caring for those of us who are needy; of providing aid to the indigent widows and orphans of the confederate dead; of preserving and maintaining the sentiment and fraternity born of a common affection for a common cause, and the hardships and dangers shared in the march, the bivouac and the battlefield, and of making an authentic history of the war between the states, that we may transmit to posterity the causes which stripped our allegiance and affection from the flag of the union and intertwined it with the destiny o the flag of the stars and bars.

The following resolution, directed against the histories now taught in the schools of the county, passed:

Resolved, that a committee be appointed whose duty it shall be to guard the historical literature taught in our schools against all encroachments calculated to misrepresent the part taken by the confederate government in defense of the rights of the people.
All county associations of ex-confederates in the state are requested to correspond with N.H. Tracy, Rockdale, Tex., with the view of effecting a state organization.

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