Tuesday, July 26, 2011

1984 :: Joinerburgers

The Rockdale Reporter, July 26, 1984. Joinerburgers: what was the recipe? by Bill Cooke. Happy Days (circa 1950's) had Arnold's, the hang-out hamburger place. Rockdale had one, too, in the late 1940's and through 1952. It was Joiner's Cafe, although it was more commonly called Joinerburger's. . . . Ira Joiner was the proprietor of Joiner's Cafe in a small frame building that butted right up against what is now (1984) Richard Thrasher's downtown Promenade mall. Through the years that big corner building housed a car dealership and later a hardware store, with Joiner's Cafe securely affixed to its west side. Mr. Joiner served a full lineup of hamburgers and other short orders but his cafe became best known in these parts for his Joinerburger which he produced with his "secret" recipe. For Rockdale teenagers, Joiner's was the hang-out because it was the only such place. We're talking pre-Dairy Queen, folks. Joiner's was, pure and simple, an Arnold's-before-its-time. . . . Ira Joiner sold his cafe to Red Smith in 1952 and moved to Florida for a brief retirement. Then he opened another Joiner's Cafe . . . in Lampasas (Texas). After several successful years in that city, he sold out, retired and moved back to Rockdale, only to die within a month, according to his brother, Quintus W. Joiner, and sister, Alice Fleming, both of Rockdale. . . . I can still almost taste those Joinerburgers. Wonder what was in that recipe?

1870 :: Marriage of Sweethearts of the Cattle Trail

Charles Goodnight

On this day in 1870, rancher Charles Goodnight married his sweetheart Mary Ann (Molly) Dyer . . . Goodnight, a veteran cattleman, helped blaze the Goodnight-Loving Trail in 1866 . . . on the 1850 Census, he is enumerated in Milam County, Texas, where his step-father aka brother-in-law is buried at the Mount Homer Cemetery . . . after their wedding, the couple settled on a ranch in Colorado for a few years before moving to the Palo Duro Canyon to help establish the JA Ranch. Charles managed the ranch, trailed cattle, and continued to upgrade the herds while Molly made a home on the solitary plains near the canyon. Her husband invented a two-horned sidesaddle so that she could more easily ride on the ranch. Though the couple had no children of their own, she became the “Mother of the Panhandle” to countless ranch hands. . . .

FYI . . . from Goodnight's wikipedia page . . . Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Lonesome Dove is a fictionalized account of Goodnight and Loving's third cattle drive. Woodrow F. Call represents Goodnight, Augustus McCrae is Loving. Though the characters have personalities rather different from their real-life counterparts, the novel borrows heavily from actual events, in particular Loving's ambush by Indians, and Goodnight's attentive care as Loving died from an arrow-induced infection. Call returns McCrae's body to Texas, just as Goodnight returned Loving's body for burial in Weatherford, Texas. The grave marker that Call carves for McCrae is based on the gravestone Charles Goodnight created for Loving.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

1907 :: Man with balloon

Dallas Morning News. July 21, 1907. WANTED -- Man with balloon to make three ascensions at Rockdale, Tex., July 24, 25 and 26. Wire quick. W.E. Gailtur [Gaither?], Rockdale, Tex.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1837 :: Powers - Wheelock Marriage

New York Spector (New York, NY), Thur., 20 July 1837, p. 2, c. 7. Married. In Milam county, Texas, Mr. A.J. Powers to Mrs. Annette Kimble, daughter of Col. E.L.R. Wheelock.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

1878 :: The Notorious Ache

The Galveston Daily News. Friday, July 19, 1878. Milam County. Rockdale Messenger: On Saturday last an officer came down the International with the notorious Ache, against whom there are 32 indictments. He hails from Williamson county, and had taken refuge in the Cherokee nation, where he was captured. He has broken jail and escaped from officers more than once.

The Galveston Daily News. Friday, August 22, 1879. The Hanging of Bunk Ake Tomorrow. Austin, Aug. 21. . . . There is general interest about the hanging; people are coming in from all directions to see it. The gallows which was erected in the jail yard was taken down this afternoon and disappeared. This mystifies the sight-seers. The sheriff proposes to track the law which requires privacy. The governor this afternoon was again interviewed in Ake's behalf, and wll read the papers to-night. Ake stiffens his neck and declines to be converted. A colored preacher of his acquaintance wanted to pray for him, which service he declined, charging the reverend parson with having taught him to steal.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

1905 :: Show Card Writer

Dallas Morning News. July 16, 1905. Show card writer and sign painter (colored) wants position as porter in store. 8 years' experience; will write cards and do porter work; specimen of work sent if requested; best reference. C.M.W., P.O. Box 72, Rockdale, Tex.