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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1893 :: Suicided on the Northbound Train

The Galveston Daily News
Wednesday, January 11, 1893

Cut His Throat on a Train. 

A Witness in the Sheriff Olive Assassination Case Commits Suicide. 

Taylor, Tex., Jan. 10. -- A man named Young, between 40 and 50 years of age, and a witness for the state in the Armstrong and Olive murder trial at Georgetown, suicided on the northbound International and Great Northern at 11 o'clock this morning as the train was pulling into the Taylor yards by cutting his throat with a pocket knife. He had been to Georgetown yesterday as an attached witness in the case, and was at Echo in Bell county on the night J.T. Olive was assassinated. Soon after the train left Hutto, eight miles south of Taylor, deceased was sitting on a seat in the smoking car with Sheriff Brookshire of this county, and telling him what he knew about the case. Just before the train reached Taylor, Young left his seat, going into the closet, where the deed was committed. Young's family lives five miles north of Cameron, in Milam county. He had three or four sharp pocketknives and some silver change in his pocket when discovered.

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