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Thursday, February 9, 2012

1874 ::Birth of Rockdale

Hence, it is with pleasure I hail the birth of Rockdale, the future distributing point for Milam, Bell, Williamson and Burleson counties ... by the completion of the Brazos bridge is connected with the outside world ... it is in the heart of one of the best agricultural districts in Texas. The town already contains from twenty to thirty houses, and is rapidly growing. Being the present terminus of this immense (rail)road, situated in a most healthy and convenient locality ... what is to prevent Rockdale from becoming one of the most important points in the interior? ... Rockdale is destined to become the great shipping point for Texas stock. Galveston Weekly News, February 9, 1874

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Denise Spurlock said...

I really enjoy your posts about Rockdale. My great-grand-uncle George M. Spurlock died in Milam Co. in 1880 at just 36 years old and is buried at Lilac Cemetery. My sister and I visited the area last November.

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