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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1875 :: Rockdale in the News

Rockdale, February 6. Yesterday, the 5th, was the first anniversary of the city of Rockdale. The day was celebrated by the usual everyday business which has characterized the place since the last spike was driven, February 5, 1874, that connected the place with the outside world. It has grown from a hole in the woods, to be a city of 3,000 inhabitants. Galveston Daily News, February 7, 1875

Rockdale, February 6. C.W. Weeks, known as “California Bill,” proprietor of a hash house, was shot to death yesterday by one Newley, a butcher, who took this method of collecting a debt of $20 for beef furnished to said California Bill’s hash house. This is the only murder that has ever been committed in this place. Galveston Daily News, February 7, 1875

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