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Sunday, March 11, 2012

1912 :: Graveyard Ghoul Evidences

Graveyard Ghoul Evidences.. Mexican Cemetery Visited and Two Graves Opened, Bodies Disturbed Dead Four or Five Years. 

Special to The News. Rockdale, Tex., March 10. -- A grewsome discovery was made at the Mexican graveyard at the Vogel mine, three miles east of this city, when parties having occasion to pass through the grounds found that ghouls had been at work, two graves having been opened. The evidences of the ghastly work were plainly visible at one grave, there being portions of the old coffin and parts of the skeleton of the corpse left lying about on the ground. The graves had both been partially filled again, and a couple of buckets which had evidently been used in hoisting dirt from the holes were left on the scene. The affair is a mystery, and there seems to be no excuse for the desecration of the graves. The bodies disturbed had been buried for four or five years, and were those of poor people -- workers in the mines near by. There is, as yet, no clew to the perpetrators. Dallas Morning News, March 11, 1912

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