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Sunday, November 3, 2013

1881 :: News from Rockdale

Weekly Democratic Statesman
Austin, Texas
November 3, 1881

Rockdale, October 31. -- We were all summoned to pay three dollars, a few days ago, in lieu of manual labor on the streets. This highly delightful privilege is afforded us quite frequently, but the only effort toward cleaning the streets which has come under the observation of your correspondent, has been made by poor old Bender, whose only compensation is generally a few drinks.

A very large number of ladies and gentleman assembled at the Mundine House on Thursday evening of last week, the occasion being a reception party to Mr. H.A. Gladdish and bride [i.e., Annie Joynes]. All present seemed to enjoy themselves highly.

Mr. George B. Randle is putting up a hall in the second story of the brick building on the corner of Commerce and Burleson streets. This will supply a long felt want in Rockdale, and Mr. Randle merits the grateful esteem of the community for his public spirit. 

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