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Friday, March 7, 2014

1940 :: Death of Billy Colvin

Billy Colvin, 18 year old Freshman student at A&M College was killed at 6 p.m. Sunday on highway 79 a short distance from Gause when the car in which he was returning to college, crashed another machine. Maurice Ferrari of Rockdale, another Freshman at A&M who was returning to the college with Colvin, was critically injured and was rushed to a hospital in Hearne.

The students were riding in a car with Robert Grisom of Houston. The car was proceeding east on highway 79, and Representative Mason D. Harrell of Smithville and a companion, Mrs. Mary Helen Nash of Austin were traveling west. Shortly after the Grisom car crossed a bridge near the George Ditto home the crash occurred. According to information received by the Cameron Daily Herald, the Harrell car was being driven by Mrs. Nance. The representative had been spending the week end in Kosse with the family of Mrs. Nance. He was partially asleep but saw the Grisom car approaching and was unable to explain just how the crash occurred.

Colvin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Will C. Colvin of Rockdale and Ferrari is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Max Ferrari of Rockdale. The driver of the car, Mr. Grisom, was only slightly injured. Mr. Colvin, father of the dead youth, is constable for Precinct 4.

Funeral services were to be held at 10 a.m. Tuesday from the funeral home of Phillips & Lucky in Rockdale. A detachment of Highway Patrolmen from Austin were in Cameron Monday and in conjunction with the office of Sheriff R.M. Kennedy, an investigation was being made. Cameron Herald, March 7, 1940

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