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Saturday, June 21, 2014

1874 :: Rockdale ought to be happy

. . . Rockdale ought to be happy -- she has five notaries public, and in a few days more her city government will be in full operation. -- How often the press is called on to record such criminal carelessness as the following, which we find in the Messenger : "An accident, much to be deplored, occurred in Rockdale on the 16th inst. Mr. Brophy and another young man were playfully struggling with each other; after amusing themselves in this way for some time, they suddenly separated, and each picked up a gun, there being two in the house. The other young man pointed his gun at Mr. Brophy, and through some unaccountable cause it was discharged, the entire contents, being bird shot, entering the face of Mr. Brophy. It is thought that he will lose his right eye. The parties were warm friends and no blame is attached to them, only in their careless use of fire-arms. Galveston Daily News, June 21, 1874

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