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Monday, July 7, 2014

1874 :: News from Rockdale

Milam County. -- The Messenger says : "The claim of Jesse Stancel, as attorney in fact for Media Thompson, to the William Allen survey, upon which the greater portion of Rockdale is situated, is spurious and illegal. 

We have fully investigated the matter and find that the International Railroad Company has a perfect chain of title to the land in question, and deem it our duty to warn the public against this unjust, unwarranted and shameless resort of these unprincipled land sharks, to deprive them of their legally acquired rights and property. There is not the slightest cause for alarm, and no one, unless sadly demented, would either make or accept an offer of compromise." 

The writer is not half so emphatic about the "Jesse" as was J.B. Simpson when he wrote of him. . . . A snake, nicely coiled in one of the cases of the Messenger office, and which had been out of use for several days, was discovered by one of the compositors, who was looking for a certain style of letter. The reptile immediately died a violent death. Galveston Daily News, July 7, 1874

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