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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1894 :: Friendship Album

Rockdale Texas.
Nov 12th 1894.-
Ever remember Your Afectionate-
S.H. Sharp
Rockdale Texas
Nov 12th/94
Dear Berta.
This above all. To thy self
be true, and it must follow
as the night the day
Though canst not then be false
to any man.
Your cousin.
L.O. Stewart.


  • Berta is Berta Mary Sharp (1872-1955) who married Edgar Henry.
  • S.H. Sharp is Sam Houston Sharp, Jr. (1867-1921), who married Edgar's twin sister, Emma.
  • Berta and Sam are two of the six children of Sam & Nellie (LeMaire) Sharp who are spoken of throughout The Journal.
  • L.O. Stewart is the son of Margaret (Sharp) Hall (aka the little woman in The Journal) and her second husband, Frank Stewart.
  • Sam, Sr. and Margaret are the only children of John and Mahala (Roberts) Sharp.
  • Following John Sharp's death, Mahala married J.J. Hall, who is the father of James Madison Hall.
  • J.M. Hall, the step-brother of Sam and Margaret, is also Margaret's first husband.

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