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Thursday, January 29, 2015

1886 :: Lynching in Rockdale

Cameron, Tex., Jan. 22. -- Mr. Sam Ford, a respectable citizen of this county, was in Rockdale Wednesday afternoon trading. Returning home late in the evening, he took in his wagon a negro man named [Sidney] Brown*. During the journey the fiend, watching his opportunity, made an attack on Ford, shooting him through the head and beating him over the head with a pistol, knocking out his eye. Believing his victim to be dead, the negro robbed him and left him. Ford was not dead but lived long enough to get home and tell his family of the attack made on him by Brown. The negro was arrested and jailed at Rockdale yesterday morning. Last night a mob of indignant citizens quietly went to the lock-up, and securing the prisoner took him to the edge of town and hung him. This act of Judge Lynch relieves the courts of the time of dealing with this inhuman being. The Standard, Clarksville, Texas, January 29, 1886

*Keven McQueen wrote that . . . The press reported that Brown was "supposed to have been implicated in the Austin murders." We will never know to what extent Brown was involved in the Servant Girl killings, if at all . . . 

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