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Monday, May 30, 2016

1889 :: A Mother Badly Burned.

Rockwall [sic], Tex., May 16. -- Information was received here this morning of a terrible calamity in the German settlement five miles west of town, which happened a little after dark last night. While the wife of Louis Palmer was cooking supper she dropped a lighted lamp, which broke and ignited the oil and enveloped the poor woman in flames. Mrs. Palmer ran from the kitchen through the bed room in which her two little boys aged three and four years lay asleep into the yard where her husband was, who at once set to work to extinguish the flames. In this attempt he was unsuccessful until his wife was so badly burned that she cannot recover. Suddenly looking back he saw the house was in flames and burning within it the two little boys whom it was impossible to rescue. Mr. Gustor, a neighbor who arrived on the ground too late to render much assistance found Mrs. Palmer in a terribly burned condition, and her husband's hands also badly burned in trying to save her. A remarkable instance of the fire transpired in the escape without an injury of Mrs. Palmer's infant found in the yard, but how gotten there is unknown. Drs. Wallis & Wallis, accompanied by Messrs. Breeding and H. Lockwood, visited the scene last night and rendered such aid as was possible, but the occurrence was not generally known here until the issue of a supplement to the Rockdale Messenger this morning. The Sun (Weatherford, Tex.), Vol. 7, No. 8, Ed. 1 Thursday, May 30, 1889

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