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Saturday, March 26, 2016

1914 :: Rockdale Reporter is 40 years old

Brady Standard. The Rockdale Reporter last week rounded out the fortieth year of its usefulness. The Reporter -- like some other things we have heard of -- heard of, mind you -- improves with age, and the Standard congratulates Editor John E. Cooke on the vigorous health of the two score year oldster. Rockdale Reporter and Messenger, March 26, 1914

Cameron HeraldThe Rockdale Reporter was forty years old on the 12th, and has always been a good paper and is still a good paper, and its last issue was one of its best. Rockdale Reporter and Messenger, March 26, 1914

Gause GuideThe issue of March 12 marked the passing of the 40th mile-stone for The Rockdale Reporter. We, for one, assure Brother Cooke that the sheet has been a big auxiliary in the growth and up-building of Rockdale, and a credit and an asset to Milam county in general. The Reporter will undoubtedly make Rockdale of such prominence that the foreign folk will not have to look on the map to tell a possible ignorant one where the town is. Rockdale Reporter and Messenger, March 26, 1914

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